Tuesday, May 21, 2013

We Are Having a Baby Boy!

The little boy growing inside me is about 29 1/2 weeks old! I am getting so excited to meet him. His nursery is pretty much done; other than some finishing touches we have to do. It is turning out exactly as I imagined. Today I made a packing list for the hospital. Next week we leave for our baby moon to Maui! When we get back from Maui we have a baby shower In Fresno, and then we just play the waiting game! I feel so blessed to have a baby growing inside me. It is such an honor! It's almost too good to be true. The Lord is so good! Tonight I can't sleep.. I got up to pee and slowly made my way back to bed. Stopping at each sleeping dog to hold their head in my lap, and rock them like a baby. The mom instinct is kicking in.. Full force! I imagine myself being up alone in the night rocking and feeding our baby while Chris and the two dogs snore all around me. As much as I am yearning for my baby to be here already I know that God gives us nine months to prepare for a reason. I want to be conscious to use this time wisely to date my husband, grow closer to God, and nest our home... Oh, and to get my precious sleep! Goodnight, ya'll!