Thursday, July 18, 2013

What God is teaching me in my marriage

Our first year of marriage was the hardest but if you stay intentional and work at it; it continues to get better like a fine wine. Two selfish people who have their own way of doing things coming together is not a recipe for success. But if God is at the center of your relationship, you voice your expectations and communicate it will be easier! Communication... Easier said then done, right?! We have had to learn how to communicate and in a gentle and loving way. It's true that men wear blue hearing aids and glasses and women pink. I could go on forever but at the end of the day have patience with your spouse remembering they are only human and model your marriage covenant after Christ's covenant with His church (Ephesians 5).

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

We Are Having a Baby Boy!

The little boy growing inside me is about 29 1/2 weeks old! I am getting so excited to meet him. His nursery is pretty much done; other than some finishing touches we have to do. It is turning out exactly as I imagined. Today I made a packing list for the hospital. Next week we leave for our baby moon to Maui! When we get back from Maui we have a baby shower In Fresno, and then we just play the waiting game! I feel so blessed to have a baby growing inside me. It is such an honor! It's almost too good to be true. The Lord is so good! Tonight I can't sleep.. I got up to pee and slowly made my way back to bed. Stopping at each sleeping dog to hold their head in my lap, and rock them like a baby. The mom instinct is kicking in.. Full force! I imagine myself being up alone in the night rocking and feeding our baby while Chris and the two dogs snore all around me. As much as I am yearning for my baby to be here already I know that God gives us nine months to prepare for a reason. I want to be conscious to use this time wisely to date my husband, grow closer to God, and nest our home... Oh, and to get my precious sleep! Goodnight, ya'll!